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Planby’s First Staff Dinner

Apr 22, 2024Networking
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Planby’s First Staff Dinner

On April 22nd, 2024, Planby Technologies Inc. had its first staff dinner with all members together face to face. With flexible working hours and remote working systems in place, it was difficult to schedule everyone’s time to gather for a staff dinner. But with the NextRise Start-up fair just around the corner, as well as the business trip to the US approaching in June, we had to meet up and align our vision.

The first thirty minutes were somewhat awkward as some members were not familiar with each other, despite having worked together online for quite a while. However, as we started eating delicious lamb skewers and drinking Somaek(Korean style bomb mixing Soju and beer), the mood quickly turned friendly and vibrant. We spent the first hour or so getting to know each other better at a personal level. We guessed each other’s MBTI(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) based on the experience we have with each other and talked about how everyone ended up working at Planby. On top of that, we shared some personal information that might help us get along better.

After the personal talk was over, we had the time to share our opinions on the future of the company, the current role each person has, and what kind of efforts we could make to improve they way we work. Fruitful discussions accompanied by a lot of laughter led to some surprisingly pragmatic suggestions on improving communication between people who work on different tasks, and how we could better harness the tools we are currently using such as Slack, Notion and Figma. On top of the constructive feedbacks and opinions, we shared frank worries and opinions which helped us connect deeper and unite as a team.

Because some of us had to leave sooner than others, the staff dinner picked up its pace in terms of drinking, leading to fun shenanigans that will not be disclosed here for the sake of our reputation. Let’s just say we had our own little version of “Squid Game” without any physical violence involved. All in all, this staff dinner definitely helped us develop as a team and we are looking forward to more fun and constructive staff dinners as our team grows both in size and depth. If you want to know more about us and what we do, check out our other articles!

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