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How AI Can Help Design a Car Dealership

Apr 10, 2024Insight
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How AI Can Help Design a Car Dealership

Last week, Planby Technologies Inc. had a follow-up meeting with a global corporate identity firm that is planning to develop an AI solution for the automation of interior design. Our potential partner firm had rich experience in planning, building and managing car dealership stores for brands such as Mercedes-Bez and BMW, mainly in European regions.

To innovate and revolutionize the design and planning process for the entire automotive dealer retail ecosystem, they wanted to harness the power of AI boosting efficiency, customer satisfaction and aesthetic appeal. The solution consists of largely 4 parts, namely AI-assisted concept development, chatbot embedding, floor plan automation, and 3D furniture rendering. Planby Technologies Inc. is considering participating as one of the suppliers for this holistic solution.

There are multiple values Planby Technologies Inc. can offer to a firm with such an agenda in mind. The core function we can offer is the creation of multiple different car dealership store designs that is consistent with the brand image. Retail dealership stores need a consistent tone and mood to their interior design as well as details including finishing material and construction method.

These can all be addressed using Planby’s reference image design function which extracts design elements from a reference image and applies it on the subject image. Design elements that are extracted include furniture, objects, finishing material, lighting and overall mood, which can all contribute to a coherent corporate identity required by each brand. Especially with a client that has abundant experience and data regarding a certain car brand, photos of existing dealership stores and previously generated design concepts can be used to feed the AI model, leading to better quality and consistency of new designs.

As we expand our presence to diverse markets, we are excited to share how AI is progressing in different parts of the world. For more applications of AI on interior design & architecture around the world, check out our other articles!