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500 Global Evening Gathering with K-BBQ!

Apr 8, 2024Networking
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500 Global Evening Gathering with K-BBQ!

On April 8, 2024, members at Planby had the delightful opportunity of sharing a memorable evening with the SeedX3 batch team of 500 Global - our esteemed investors. A vibrant Korean BBQ party, buzzing with lively discussions, laughter, and an exchange of ideas that strengthened our bond with fellow entrepreneurs.

Previously, our team had been part of the SeedX program in California, sharing the stage with various innovative teams from the 500 Global portfolio. This enriching journey spanned from September to November, offering a plethora of learning experiences. Now, with nearly half a year whisked away, we found ourselves amidst the third batch of this program - a realization that sparked a sense of accomplishment and injected a refreshing perspective.

The current batch, a melting pot of companies operating in diverse markets like logistics and commerce, offered a glimpse of the intense survival competition that is a reality in these sectors. As early participants of the program, we at Planby had the unique advantage of sharing our journey - the challenges we faced, the victories we celebrated, and our myriad experiences in Korea and the US - with 500 Global and other teams.

Our stint in the US, particularly in the bustling tech hub of Palo Alto, California, was marked by a spectrum of experiences. From engaging in dynamic training sessions and Sync up meetings at the 500 Global HQ to making impromptu sales pitches at local interior design companies, we had a chance to immerse ourselves in the US market. These experiences not only offered us valuable insights and a grasp of market reactions but also paved the way for us to share our narrative at the event. In essence, this platform enabled us to communicate why we decided to venture into the US market and how we seized opportunities that we identified in California.

It was inspiring to see that many teams in this batch held a shared vision of penetrating the US market. Their resilience and determination to navigate through fierce competition was truly commendable. As we collectively prepare to set foot in the US this June, the anticipation of the unfolding chapters of our journey is indeed exhilarating. The event also offered us a window into how other industries perceive the US market, the opportunities they are eyeing, and their concerns.

The Planby team is excited to continue sharing our story of growth with 500 Global. We invite you to be a part of our exciting journey and appreciate your continued support and high expectations. Thank you!